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One Hundred and Eleventh Series – May 9-10 2019

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M. Eric Gershwin, M.D., MACR , MACP

  • The Hygiene Hypothesis: Is Dirt Really Good for You
  • Primary Biliary Cholangitis: Paradigm versus Paradox for Understanding Autoimmunity
  • Sex and Autoimmunity: Why the Female predominance?

Dr. Robert Sawin

  • The history of, and trends in extracorporeal support for
    cardio-respiratory failure (ECMO) in both adults and children
  • The omentum: Good cop or bad cop
  • Rediscovering Joy in Medicine and Surgery

Ronald J. Falk, MD.

  • Why do patients develop autoimmune disease?
  • Why do patients develop ANCA vasculitis?
  • Why do patients develop the nephrotic syndrome?

The Sommer Memorial Lectures are made possible by a perpetual trust established by the late Dr. Ernst A. Sommer with United States National Bank of Oregon. Speakers are selected by an Advisory Committee of four physicians and surgeons, and the programs are planned, as Dr. Sommer wished, to deal with the practical problems arising in the general practice of medicine and surgery. The lectures are open, without charge, to all members of the medical profession and to students attending accredited medical schools.

The Sommer Lectures have brought to Portland more than 250 distinguished speakers from the United States and other countries since 1941 when the programs were inaugurated.

History of the Trust

The Advisory Committee and the Trustee welcome suggestions from members of the medical profession for subjects and speakers for future programs.

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